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Increase Sales!!!


  • Increase sales by a minimum of 10%

    (ask about our Guarantee)

  • Give Customers their own Web Ordering Portal with forecasts, defaults, and cutoff control.

  • Display items, pricing, images, categories, and nutritional labels

  • Highlight promotional or discounted items on a rotating carousel

  • Give your company a new revenue stream, and you empower your customers to buy more product.


Easy and Immediate Customer Self-Service means a better customer experience!

  • Reduce unproductive time taking phone calls, faxes, and emails for manually hand-written orders

  • Reduce customer order time and increase revenue with a customer-specific product guide and cloning of past orders

  • Customers can view their invoices, next deliveries, and undelivered orders

  • Increased availability and customer satisfaction through Online Self-Service. 

Take a look at our Overview!

Starting at $799*

and $25 per month, get a full website with a display of your products from bMobile Route.

For $999*

and $199 per month, get a fully integrated B2B Ecommerce experience, including cart, order editing, and order history.

  • Increase Revenue and Customer Satisfaction
  • Get up and running in days not weeks
  • Real-time integration with bMobile Route – no sync or redundant entry required
  • We can offer a complete e-commerce website, or a “shop now” link on your existing website

Online is

the future

of Buying

B2B Web Portals

will be a key

component of

the DSD market

now, and

into the future


According to Internetretailer.com:
  • Just 25% of B2B companies today actively sell online
  • Nearly 75% of B2B buyers say buying from an e-commerce site is more convenient that buying from a sales rep, and 93% say they prefer buying online when they’ve already decided what to buy
  • Cost per order can be reduced from $24 per transaction (paper, via a salesperson) to $1.50 per transaction via a customer self-serve e-commerce


According to the US Commerce Department. Non-adjusted figures:
  • In Q3 2016, Ecommerce sales grew 15.6%, representing 11.3% of total retail sales when factoring out items not normally bought online like fuel and automobiles


According to a Forrester Study, cited by Forbes:
  • 74% of B2B buyers research half or more of their work purchases online before buying according to a recent Forrester study. The same study found that 30% make half or more of their work purchases online today, and 56% expect to make half or more of their work purchases online in 3 years. 


How It Works:

  1. Buyers enter an order on their own custom-designed Web Portal

  2. Those orders are sent directly to your desktop interface for review

  3. Employees spend less time processing orders, and more time generating revenue

  4. Processed orders are sent directly to the route management software, and appears on the optimized route for the field representative

"If I have to do it manually, then I am wasting my time."

- future user


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