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Something Big is Coming Soon for bMobile Route!

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The Right Optimization at The Right Price...
bMobile will soon offer two levels of Optimization for users to use in planning the most profitable routes possible!  Both levels will offer the ability to optimize the route to account for customer time windows.
Help Your Relief Drivers...
Driver substitutions become much easier, and can help serve customers more efficiently.  With Google turn-by-turn directions, and Optimization, the driver's day goes smoothly! 
Be in the Right Place at the Right Time...
Optimization can also save time by setting exact GPS delivery locations, such as a receiving door, using latitude and longitude.  This can save time by optimizing the route to the actual location instead of having to go to the storefront or office first.

Two Levels of Optimization:

1. Desktop Only:

Optimizations can only be run from the Route Desktop - for occasional users that will optimize a route once and set it until changed. 

 2. Handheld Anytime:

Users can optimize from any connected device, anytime!

For more details, call us at 888-900-5667, or email: sales@bmobileroute.com!


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