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Mobile Gas & Propane Distribution Route Order Management & Asset Tracking

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Completing mobile sales transactions and collecting account data is important to any distribution business...
But propane and gas distributors have very specific needs – and bMobile has specific solutions.

Along with general Order Management and Route Optimization, bMobile gives the propane and bottled gas distributor greater control over every facet of sales and delivery.  From Asset Tracking, to Bulk Delivery orders, bMobile Route can handle it all.

Tracking tank location, tank maintenance schedules, and instant tank contents recognition are just a few of the key features available with gas distribution software from bMobile Route Software.

Collecting field data is only useful if that data can be seamlessly submitted to the office.  Route invoices and sales orders can be sent to the office instantly, speeding up customer billing and payments. Eliminating paper invoices and reports saves time, materials, and labor. All this automation and convenience, while increasing accuracy is a big win for the bottom line!

This robust solution, with features specifically designed for gas and propane route sales and distribution, is designed to work with your accounting software and office systems.  Direct integration reduces the gas distributor's learning curve and cuts implementation time and costs. Ease of learning, ease of use, and affordability make bMobile the fastest growing route distribution software solution for the Gas and Propane Industry.

In - Office Functions (for Office PCs)

Create Propane & Bottled Gas Sales/Delivery Routes

  • Fixed Tank - Bulk Sales
  • Replacement Tank & Cylinder Sales/Rentals

Schedule Fixed-Tank Maintenance Service Routes

  • Track Service History
  • Track Service Performed

    Schedule Future Sales Routes for Tank & Cylinder Exchanges

    • Monitor Number of Daily Deliveries
    • Monitor Volume Requirements

      Track Fixed-Tanks (Field Assets)

      • By Account
      • By Location
      • By Serial Number
      • By Gas Type/Contents

        Survey Customer Purchase History

        • Sales Dates
        • Gals/Liters of Product Purchased
        • Gals/Liters in Tank Prior to Sale

          Customer Call List

          • Auto-displays Customers Due for Contact
          • Call to Confirm Order/Schedule Delivery
          • Submit Presale Info to Driver

          Driver/Field Functions

          (Handheld PCs & Devices)

          View Daily Route Schedule

          • Fixed-Tank Deliveries
          • Exchange-Tank & Cylinder Deliveries
          • Service Stops

            Survey Customer Purchase History

            • Sales Dates
            • Gals/Liters of Product Purchased

              View Fixed-Tank Service Routes

              • Recall Previous Service History

                Track Mobile Inventory

                • Monitor Remaining Bulk Inventory
                • Track Exchange Tanks/Cylinders Off & On Truck

                  Barcode Accuracy/Safety

                  • Scan Barcode Labels on Fixed Tanks to Verify Contents
                  • Scan Barcodes to Recall Account Information

                    Tender Sales & Rental Transactions

                    • Process Payments & Charges
                    • Collect & Store Customer Signature
                    • Print Mobile Invoice

                      Create Sales Order

                      • Sell to Non-scheduled Customer
                      • Schedule Future Delivery
                      • Update Service Records

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