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Release Notes for February 27, 2018 - August 2, 2018


Bugfix: Verify address dialog does not work

Bugfix: Upload Customers resolve header mapping API is not working

Bugfix: Dialog error

Bugfix: Map picture not displaying

Bugfix: Website build fails on rxjs

Bugfix: Error 400 - bad request from desktop when optimizing

New: Dashboard route color

New: Dashboard mass delete cancel

New: Dashboard upload stops allow null truck field in excell sheet

New: Dashboard change badge to blue

New: Add stop button on the dashboard page

New: Routemizer logo in upper left hand corner

New: Eula accept button

New: Quickbooks validation checklist

New: Update emails that come from routemizer.com to the user

New: Truck warehouse - source warehouse for optimizing

New: Additional monthly billing column

New: TLS 1.2


Bugfix: New Theme search widget does not work

Bugfix: Items with a single quote in their description can't be added to the cart

Bugfix: Ecommerce.bmobileroute.com sites are picking up each other's inventory

Bugfix: Email verbage fixed

Bugfix: Nutrition image is not showing up on new theme

Bugfix: Adjust total and totan $ to under price and Price amount

Bugfix: Incorrect bread crumb displayed

New: New Ecomm Site

New: Serach Bar change put focus in the search box on open

New: New Theme add in Master sub support

New: Reset customer status on new card info

New: Terms of service and lisence pages


Bugfix: Sales tax not calculating correctly on device

Bugfix: Ignore (skip) inactive inventory items on Price Code import.

Bugfix: Updated for Intuit app card issues

Bugfix: Logo not printing on Android invoice correctly

Bugfix: Website slow to respond on multiple screens

Bugfix: Android does not work on 7 and needs to be updated

Bugfix: UPC Scanning/Socket Scanner Issues

Bugfix: Android - Printek multiple copies setting is not being followed

Bugfix: Customer not able to push new customer Bill To info up to QB

Bugfix: Account management is blank on first visit for Global Support

New: Add QTY box to Add items screen

New: Allow customer to remove all customers, inventory, terms, sales reps, tax codes, and sales tax codes.

New: Allow delete of Customers and Inventory items that are not linked to an ERP

New: Add ability for invoices to be "Unposted" from the website

New: Kendo alternative

New: Increased web speed

New: Reset all data (signalr)

New: Drivers for FP-541 Printek printer

New: TLS 1.2

New: Additional Monthly Billing column


Bugfix: No longer displaying stops/routes on map

Bugfix: Fix Clickjacking

Bugfix: When adding a stop, it shows up in list twice, also won't let you properly delete

Bugfix: Route statistics: does not reflect correct amount of estimated route time

Bugfix: Optimizer settings page doesn't save

New: Change sidebar to gray #eae9e9 and change height of header to 50px

New: Rearrange PYR page to allow for multiple route optimizations at once

New: Closed sidebar needs to have attached logo in upper left corner

New: Logo needs to link to dashboard

New: Dashboard cards formation: 2X2 instead of route at the top and customers, Warehouses, and routes at the bottom

New: Cards lift on hover on dashboard

New: Grid Ellipses

New: Sidebar width same as con theme

New: Sidebar collapse animation same as altair

New: Background color same as altair - #ececec

New: Title header is now the same hight as altair title header and the color is now white

New: Side bar menu icon has same look and animation as Altair

New: When on dashboard page, no title header exists

New: Change size of routemizer logo to around the same size as the Altair logo

New: Taller sidebar header - same height as main header plus title header

New: Enforce weak password policy when changing password

New: Change Optimizer icon to the RouteMizer logo

New: Find alternative warehouse icon for sidebar menu

New: Hover over + icon message in upper right of screen should say "add new"

New: Change icons in dashboard to match sidebar

New: Change "ERP" to "QuickBooks" in sidebar Settings menu

New: On "Help" page, make sure all headers are in Proper Case

New: Change toggle menu icon to an arrow and line -  |< similar to Altair

New: Add places API to google key

New: After optimization, map keeps auto-refreshing anytime a button is pressed

New: Skips optimization when route has no stops

QB Remote:

Bugfix: SBT Delivery and reversal posting - when enabled it does not post

Bugfix: Remote for SaaS is not building the QB options into the Database

Bugfix: Object reference not set

Bugfix: QB PO import crash

Bugfix: Invoice/SBT delivery posting issue

Bugfix: Times out on lookup of SBT, throws errors

Bugfix: Does not send sercive or other charge items

New: Add to settings Help menu QB remote - whats my ip

Crystal Reports:

Bugfix: Crystal invoice: Credit Card payments show as Cash on base Crystal Invoice

Bugfix: bMobile Crystal Reports viewer not compatible with SAGE100 2018 version

Bugfix: EoD Crystal Report fails to pick up invoices when they don't match the route date

Bugfix: Fixed many reports:

  -Inventory Sales Analysis by Class - Change class join to left or set class as required on selection

  -Return Reason - Change Route to left join

  -Promo Pricing - Change Route and Zone to left join

  -Promo Comparison - Change multiple Routes to left join

  -ProductTranType - Change route Join to Left

  -Product Return - Change Route to left join and state no route

  -PresalesByVendor - Change Route and Vendor to left and state No route or No vendor

  -Presale Production - Change route join to left and state No Route

  -PickPack - Change join to left on Route and state No Route

  -PickList by Product - Change route join to left and State No Route Assigned

  -PaymentOverride - Change Route to left join and state No Route 

  -Inventory Sales Analysis by type - Left join route and state no route assigned

  -Inventory History Report - Change route join to Left and State No route

  -Driver Weekly Sales - Change fields to left joins and state No Route or No Rep Salesrep Route  -Free Product Report - Change Route to left join and state No Route on report

  -DailySalesRouteCustClass - Change route join to left and state "No Route Assigned" when blank

  -Commission Category - Modify commission by category to left join salesrep and state No Sales Rep

  -Commission by Salesperson - Change Salesrep inner join to left join and state "no rep assigned"

  -Sales by Item Detail - Change inner join of route to left join and state "No Route" when blank on report 

  -Profit Margin by Product Class - Change inner join of inventory class to left join and update base report to state "No Class Assigned" when a class is not present


Bugfix: Unable to launch bmobile when security database is present

Bugfix: Set invoice QTY on web review to follow company options

Bugfix: Trucks as warehouse - Device EOD concurrency violation

Bugfix: Payment override report pulls no info

Bugfix: Target EDI BOL needs to generate check digit

Bugfix: Pick Dashboard pick current error

Bugfix: Security add-in for Route gets an error with SQLCE incompatibility and causes route to fail on launch

Bugfix: Payment override report pulls no info

Bugfix: Not currently picking next delivery date

Bugfix: EOD processing error - convert long to date

Bugfix: "Send device DB to webservice" does not process automatically in SAAS environments

Bugfix: Cosmetic - Company options pop up data has changed on close out

Bugfix: Sales by salesperson

Bugfix: Resize of pop up invoice/payment/presale window

Bugfix: EOD processing - Route names with "/" do not process

Bugfix: Company options - undo only works once

Bugfix: Check for duplicate invoice/presale no longer functioning from desktop

Bugfix: Launching send to QB fails with error "failed to enable constraints" under certain conditions

Bugfix: Pick dashboard does not save column grouping

Bugfix: Pick dashboard error when row is selected

Bugfix: Transaction void fails when credit card payment applied

Bugfix: "NEW" button has been removed from the payment screen on desktop

Bugfix: EDI remote - returns unable to find remote server

Bugfix: On truck status not changing on completed routes

Bugfix: Presale delivery days field is NULL by default if customer is imported from ERP, is 0 if entered directly in to bmobile

Bugfix: Check for duplicate invoice/presale no longer functioning from desktop

Bugfix: Inventory audit report needs to exclude consignmnet/SBT billing records

Bugfix: Error processing EoD on desktop - foreign key violation error on TermsID

Bugfix: Multipack - P.O's imported from QB do not have a package on the detail line

Bugfix: Desktop ignoring split invoice enforcement

Bugfix: Purchase order recieve with PO addin

Bugfix: Inventory transaction - recieve PO fails when Vendor item not setup

Bugfix: Serialized inventory addin - Inventory adjustment screen doesn't support vendor credit

Bugfix: Fleet optimizer crash - update selected - data column in presale not present for Shift

Bugfix: QBO customers are unable to sync

Bugfix: Map does not size to window correctly

New: Modify pick dashboard - additional fields/telerik conversion

New: Modify pick dashboard - add additional fields

New: Add Customer Class/Zone/Channel to History screen

New: Add warehouse range to inventory overview report

New: Data importer - work order - add occurence settings to work order

New: Add vendor as an option for edi filter

New: Data importer - fixed asset import

New: Add the rest of the user defined fields to layout control options on device invocie/accurately lavel the user fields already there

New: Truck QTY when using fill by product

New: Inventory adjustment - move truck warehouse field in adjustment to header

New: Create generic EDI controls

New: Inventory adjust/inventory transfer tab - Desktop EOD

New: Target now requiring change to PO fields on all EDI

New: Preloads - create now sequencing reference number value for all preloads

New: Remove embedded look up changes and load to root workstation

New: Show only active EDI partners in customer control

New: Add inventory Wholesale to presale/invoice desktop grids/color coding

New: Add volume/weight to truck

New: Add volume of item to inventory record

New: Add volume and color coding to route balancer

New: Limit EDI module option drop down to only display EDI's flagged as active

New: Pull preferred payment method and set as default

New: Consignment - Grid update 2.0


Bugfix: EOD - Error on Send Up count is not a boolean

Bugfix: SOD infinite loop on force print of load sheet for printer share

Bugfix: Consignment not finishing

Bugfix: When writing invoices from Android, items are not associated to the selected departmnet correctly.

Bugfix: MDP that are not sent do not get accounted for

Bugfix: Unable to save credit invoices

Bugfix: Delivery verification - item detail does not update quantity

Bugfix: Send EOD DB on Terminal Services

Bugfix: Android is unable to do SOD from alternate Web address

Bugfix: Test web buttons in the android web service settings always fail for SAAS customers

Bugfix: Truck inspection does not send email on dev and current

Bugfix: Customer Invoice History does not apply payments correctly from device

Bugfix: Unable to scan in Android Route

Bugfix: Payments from the device that are void cause incorrect balance adjustment

Bugfix: SOD InventoryID0 is invalid error message

Bugfix: Not all message at EOD show errors

Bugfix: SOD on device does not complete

Bugfix: EOD send DB as whole from Device - loads need to be updated for conversion

Bugfix: Preview invoice does not work or printing invoice

Bugfix: Presales not shown

Bugfix: SOD infinite loop when printer set to printershare

Bugfix: Device not correctly picking next delivery date

Bugfix: Fill to truck guide load truck guide issues

Bugfix: Android devices will not connect if address begins with HTTPS://

Bugfix: Throwing error when using customer notes

Bugfix: Adding discount on split invoice as invoice and having require no reason code

Bugfix: Printing scan sheet on device doesn't complete on large orders

Bugfix: Unable to pair scanner with Android 8 - requires companion app

Bugfix: Adding to customer guide of shipto needs to use parent price

Bugfix: Customer list cherry picks which address fields to use

Bugfix: Having retail column on with Edit retail off causes crash

Bugfix: Including "{NextDelDate:1}" string on Android invoice causes print/preview to fail

Bugfix: Show all does not show any customers

Bugfix: Signature capture not recording on device

Bugfix: Double signature loop

Bugfix: Customer Departments not showing on Android Products screen

Bugfix: Existing no-stop codes not showing on device

Bugfix: Cosmetic - "Test Web" option continues to display error message after address is corrected

Bugfix: Default invoice type - set to quote defaults HH to invoice

Bugfix: Android and desktop calculating taxes differently

Bugfix: Invoice Detail User field constraints on Android do not match constraints on Desktop/causes EOD error if Android exceeds desktop

Bugfix: Unable to enter data in to invoice detail user 2 on Android devices

Bugfix: Save on count survey with oversell

Bugfix: Filler assets are adding filler item twice

Bugfix: EoD balance report doesn't reflect correct adjustments

Bugfix: Android app crashes when adding some fixed assets to invoice

Bugfix: On truck quantity will not show after SoD

Bugfix: Cosmetic update error on Preload

Bugfix: Android app not prompting for update when newer version is in web service

Bugfix: EoD balance report doesn't reflect correct adjustments

Bugfix: Preloads no longer keeping items correctly in selected package size

Bugfix: Inventory list should skip product type selection if only 1

Bugfix: Device invoice emails send to all emails on Customer with Process set to "Invoice", not just those flagged with Device checkbox

Bugfix: Presale InvoiceDetail Description changes do not come down to Android on refresh

Bugfix: EoD balance report doesn't reflect correct adjustments

New: Add to settings HH - what's my ip

New: Lot number pop up - change the toast message to a pop up with ok

New: Route - android transfers

New: Move to before refresh options

New: Drivers for FP-541 Printek printer

New: Supports TLS 1.2

New: Refresh on-hand quantities without exiting screen

New: Check database is uploaded correctly when sending DB at end of day

New: Company/Route/Customer print controm PT2 - Send & Print defaults

New: Auto unload should not allow driver to change EOD inventory count

New: Add 'Restore Deice Options from Table'

New: Check database is uploaded correctly when sending DB at end of day

New: Modify Android Warehouse Pick Screen - order display 

New: Route and Customer level print controls

Web Service:

Bugfix: The Soap Mobile - credit cards no longer working

Bugfix: Error logging into web service

Bugfix: Missing stored proc in webservice - won't import customers AUF

Bugfix: EOD concurrency violation

Bugfix: Cannot delete sdf after download

Bugfix: Print size - text files generated ok, but sdf for device is blank

Bugfix: Error processing EoD when route had no activity - no position at row 0 error

New: QB remote build

New: New left column menu options

New: New step-by-step onboarding process

New: Update confirm email


New: Inventory Detail

New: Customer Detail

New: Order Entry

New: Integration Testing

New: API

New: Favorites page

New: Order Picking List

New: SalesRep list

bMobile Warehouse:

Bugfix: Auto unload not doing correct adjustments

Bugfix: EoD adjustments not correct

Bugfix: Returns using override warehouses

Bugfix: No way to save changes made to the Pick/Recieving


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