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Release Notes for January 12, 2018

Hot Fixes


  1. The Home Delivery Add in Generate Presale Screen no longer requires a Customer Class.


  1. bMobile Sales Android was updated to work with the latest version of Android and the Printers.
  2. bMobile Sales Android sales Tax was updated.

New Features


  1. Route Optimization maps now show more than 23 stops per route.
  2. The History screen now includes 3 new columns: Customer Class, Zone and Channel.

Bug Fixes


  1. The Quote numbering system now correctly updates the last used quote number in the system.
  2. The Dispatch Board with Google Route Optimization can now show one route over multiple days on the map. 


  1. When using the Customer Departments add in an Invoice now places inventory in the correct department when there are multiple departments on the order.


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