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Release Notes for July 14, 2017

Hot Fixes


  1. Sending Statments with Associated invoices that originated in QuickBooks now go through.
  2. The QuickBooks Export Report has been updated to work with the recent changes to the desktop and the remote.
  3. When working with Cayan the Invoice sent to them will take the last 8 characters from the invoice number. We suggest that you make these characters as unique as possible.


  1. The TC-55 Scanning has been updated to work with the TC-55 change in software.
  2. With the new scanning feature we have changed the Oversell function to work better with it.

New Features


  1. The PDF printout for non-Invoice transactions on the Desktop and the Device will state the Transaction type in the Data and Due date columns.


  1. The Truck Inspection and Route Notes now show up even if Inventory is not on for the route.
  2. The Truck Inspection on the Route Manager App now sends an email to the Truck Survey recipient set in the Company options when there is something wrong.
  3. The Warehouse Management Application will now update when there is a new version on the web service.

Bug Fixes


  1. The Home Delivery add in will now generate non-stops for the customers set to a status of "Temp-Hold".
  2. The Data importer for the Customer Scheduled Stops now works correctly with the Time set for the appointments.

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