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Internetretailer.com: US e-commerce sales grow 15.6% in 2016

If you don't have an Ecommerce Order System, the world might just pass you by...

Ecommerce can mean a lot of different things, to a lot of different people, but essentially the core meaning is this: buying stuff online.  Pretty simple, right?  For B2B Distribution, the meaning is the same.  The only difference is who is doing what.  B2B Ecommerce is where end point retailers are placing orders from distributors via an online portal, instead of by phone, email, or fax.  As a distributor, it makes more and more sense to have an Ecommerce portal for your Order Management.  Orders can be entered, reviewed, or changed by the person placing the order, rather than an employee of the distributor.  This saves time for both parties, leads to less mistakes, and provides an overall better experience.  With the growth in Ecommerce numbers, as this and many other articles show, any distributor that does not have an Ecommerce Order Management system will start falling behind their competitors.  bMobile does not want this to happen to you.  We can set up an Ecommerce portal for you that will enable Retailers to place orders 24/7/365.  We will integrate this system with your current accounting software, Inventory Management, and Route delivery systems to work seamlessly.


Get online now with bMobile, and catch the Ecommerce wave!


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