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DSD Route Accounting

QuickBooks & Android
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DSD Route Software
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Innovative minds at bMobile have linked one of the world's most popular business accounting applications and the world's fastest growing mobile platform.

NOW was the first application to sync QuickBooks sales data with Android devices. It has since been copied, but not equaled.

No other Android app (including QuickBooks Connect) can offer so many features and solid reliability. This award winning and innovation application continues to break new ground with clever features and unparalleled stability.

Using Intuit App Center you can sync data between your QuickBooks software and as many Android devices as needed. See why customers still prefer NOW to all other mobile invoicing tools.

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Increased efficiency and greater profitability for DSD route sales and Presale Distribution is the function of bMobile Route Software.

DSD route accounting, DSD mobile inventory tracking and route optimization software from bMobile® Route Software is an affordable, scalable and modular designed route management system for direct store delivery (DSD), DSD route sales and DSD route presale.

Automate daily process, simplify routine tasks and streamline your DSD route distribution from the office, warehouse and in the field.

Integrate route data with your existing system to create a single, powerful route management system.

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"Our business is now more effcient and more profitable. I know bMobile has paid for itself and more. It's everything we hoped it would be. I've never regretted the decision to go with bMobile."

Fiesta Tortillas, Inc
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DSD Sales & Route Accounting
Route software by bMobile takes on the complex task of DSD route accounting.
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Route Optimization
RouteMizer™, route optimization can lower route fuel costs and route labor costs.

Field Asset Tracking

Improve control over field assets with asset tracking. Track maintenance and asset history with bMobile asset tracking.

Mobile Printers for Route Accounting

Route sales software is most effective when used with mobile printers. See the latest mobile printers.

Handheld Computers for DSD Route Sales & Route Accounting
Route software is the engine and handheld computers are the wheels. Review the latest handheld computer technology.

Propane & Bottled Gas Distribution
The demanding and unique industry of wholesale bottled gas route distribution has specific challenges. See how bMobile addresses those needs.
Demand Forecasting
Wholesale bakery product distribution relies on controlling stale returns, while keeping shelves adequately stocked. See who Demand Forecasting software can help.
QuickBooks® Mobile Invoicing
The most widely used accounting software can go mobile. QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier and QuickBooks Enterprise accounting systems are integrated with a powerful mobile invoicing solution.